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Wild And Fun Activewear Brand

Wolven is an American vibrant community-driven brand blending sustainability with artistry. It celebrates diversity, body positivity, and creativity through eco-conscious fashion. Inspired by founder's multicultural upbringing and passion for textiles, Wolven merges artistic patterns with sustainable practices. Each design starts as a canvas, drawing from nature, cultural influences like South Asian henna, and personal experiences. By challenging industry norms and promoting ethical fashion, Wolven offers a home for confidence and empowerment while honouring the planet. Their commitment to sustainability and inclusivity sets a new standard in fashion, where art meets environmental responsibility.

Why I love Wolven

It is an ultimate slow fashion brand as the style are still more or less the same as 4 years ago when I discovered this brand. The material of this brand is ultra comfy. I love wearing them for my sweaty workouts. And I will find myself happily wearing them as my go to leisure outfit.

I also love its designs and They are so unique, they give me that extra
boost of confidence when I put them on.

I am size S in Wolven.

My Picks


Flattering, makes my bum look great, and makes my legs look extra long.

Pyramid Top

Sexy and cute. I feel empowered in this top. I love wearing it on a back day as I can see my back muscles clearly hehehe.

Crisscross Four-Way Top

Buy less for more. You can wear this in 4 different ways, perfect for traveling.

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