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Paper London


Playful And Elegant Everyday Wear

Paper London is a British contemporary fashion brand known for its bold and vibrant designs, innovative silhouettes, and playful aesthetic. Since 2011, the brand has gained recognition for its statement pieces that effortlessly combine modern sophistication with a sense of fun and whimsy. Paper London is renowned for its bold colours, geometric shapes, and striking prints. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and travel, each piece is designed to make a statement and spark joy, offering a fresh and distinctive perspective on contemporary fashion.

Why I love Paper London

I love wearing Paper London's bold shapes, vibrant colours, and playful prints on a rainy day! It instantly makes me feel happier. I also love the fact that I haven't seen anyone else wearing the same dress as me so far in Hong Kong. I feel so confident and unique every time I wear Paper London outfits.

I love that they consider what happens when the garment reaches the end of its life. They allow customers to send back their old swimwear so the brand can find a new use for the material. They also have a rental and pre-loved platform called "PAPERELOVE". I am excited about this new business model for the fashion industry, go check it out!

I wear a UK 6 in their tops and dresses, and a UK 8 in their bottoms.

My Picks


All their swimwear is very unique with cute and colourful prints. They are all made of recycled plastic, rPET.


Their dresses are so unique and colourful, perfect for special occasions or a beach holiday.

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