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Angela Roi


Designer Vegan Handbags

Angela Roi is an American ethical handbag brand dedicated to timeless elegance without compromise. They craft high-fashion accessories using only the finest non-animal materials, ensuring each piece reflects ethical values. Angela Roi champions accessibility, offering luxury styles that resonate with conscientious consumers worldwide. Every handcrafted bag embodies traditional craftsmanship fused with innovative, future-forward design, aligning with their mission to redefine luxury through sustainable practices. Angela Roi empowers women to express personal style with integrity, proving that ethical fashion can be both aspirational and inclusive.

Why I love Angela Roi

Angela Roi's handbags are crafted from vegan leather, which is free from animal-derived materials, the brand uses different plant-based materials such as cactus, mushrooms, apple to create vegan leather.

My Picks

Cher Micro [Signet]

This is one of my favorite mini bags. Although it is called the micro bag, you would be surprised by how many things can actually fit in this bag.

Cacta Small Tote

This mini tote bag is made of super soft cactus material. It also has a pouch inside to store your valuable belongings.

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