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Timeless British Luxury Handbags

DeMellier was founded in the U.K. with a distinct vision: to redefine the world of handbags with a commitment to ethics, sustainability, and social impact. Inspired by a desire to empower women and support global health initiatives, its handbags are meticulously crafted in Europe using only the finest sustainably sourced materials. Each piece embodies modern elegance and quality craftsmanship, ensuring they are not only beautiful but also ethically made. For every DeMellier piece sold, the brand fund vaccines and treatments aimed at saving the lives of children in need worldwide.

Why I love DeMillier

I love DeMellier's modern and minimalistic design. I love their approach of updating the colour of their designs every season, ensuring their bags don't go out of trend. Their designs are very elegant, perfect for important work meetings and special dinner events.

I also love that they offer a lifetime of free repairs to ensure their products stand the test of time and stay out of landfills. So far, my DeMellier bags still look like new after 3 years of use—very good quality.

My Picks

The Vancouver

I have the Vancouver bag in white smooth leather, and it goes perfectly with all my white suits. Perfect for workdays.

The Tokyo

I have the Tokyo in white croc effect, and it is perfect for a special dinner event.

The Midi New York

I love how big this tote bag is; I can fit my iPad, name card holder, notebook, sunglasses, and scarf in this tote bag without any issue. Do not underestimate this tote.

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