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The Ultimate Quiet Luxury Brand

Founded in 2016 by three siblings, French brand Polène specialises in leather goods that blend minimalism with creative flair. Each piece is designed in their Paris studio, marrying refined elegance with unique shapes crafted through meticulous craftsmanship. Polène uses leather sourced from certified Spanish and Italian tanneries to create organic forms and textures. Production in Ubrique, Spain—a hub for luxury leather goods—ensures exceptional quality. Recently expanding into jewellery, Polène continues to explore nature-inspired themes with collections featuring 24-carat gold accents, meticulously crafted by artisans in Italy. Polène remains dedicated to offering timeless sophistication with a distinct artistic touch in an ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Why I love Polène

I love Polène's timeless yet contemporary aesthetic, characterised by clean silhouettes, subtle detailing, and understated elegance. The brand's handbags exude sophistication without being overtly trend-driven, making them versatile accessories that complement a variety of looks and personal styles. Whether it's the structured lines of the Numero Un Nano or the sleek simplicity of the Mini Cyme, Polène handbags effortlessly elevate any ensemble with their refined aesthetic. I love Polène's timeless design and enduring style; they are truly value for money.

While Polène prioritises quality and craftsmanship, the brand also recognises the importance of sustainability in today's fashion industry. They use leftover leather to create different artistic home decor items such as mirrors or vases.

My Picks

Numéro Un Nano

I'm in love with their Edition Trio Camel; it's so versatile. I've had this bag for three years now, and it still looks like new. It goes well with all my white dresses and Chanel slingback heels.

Numéro Dix

I love to pair my Numéro Dix with bootcut jeans. I love how the strap length is adjustable for different styles.

Cyme Mini

I love this mini tote bag, it's my favorite for travel. It's a multi-way tote bag with two different straps and two different shapes of bags. LOVE!

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