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Gift Ideas For A More Sustainable Christmas

Updated: Feb 10

When selecting Christmas gifts, I lean towards offering my loved ones something practical — and, of course, sustainable! In this blog post, I will share with you what I have in mind for my loved ones this Christmas.

For Her

Gift Ideas For A More Sustainable Christmas

Polène Bag

I adore the craftsmanship of this Parisian brand. Their minimalist, high-quality leather is exceptional and offers great value for money. Every season, they introduce different colours to their core styles, ensuring the bags remain timeless. I appreciate this concept a lot. For those who love to travel, I highly recommend the Cyme Mini; it has become my go-to bag for flights. I can't imagine any girl saying no to this bag.

What I love about Polène extends beyond their designs. They are actively exploring ways to be more sustainable. Their high-quality certified leather comes from the food industry, and they ingeniously up-cycle the off-cuts to create small leather goods and even a vase. It's a testament to their creativity and commitment to sustainability. Unsure which one to go for, check out my blog post: My Three Favourite Polène Bags.

Monica Vinader Jewellery

Searching for something dazzling? Monica Vinader presents high-quality, elegant designs suitable for various occasions. I suggest the Siren Cluster Cocktail Ring for festive seasons or daily stacking, paired with the Siren Mini Nugget Cluster Bracelet for a complete set.

What I love most about Monica Vinader is that each piece comes with a 5-Year Warranty. Whether you've accidentally scratched a pendant charm or need your ring resized or re-plated, they will repair your jewellery free of charge—no questions asked!


If you find yourself with a more generous budget and are unsure where to spend it, allow me to make a heartfelt recommendation. For the past year, I've been captivated by the Pomellato Ring Iconica. The stars and diamonds it boasts are truly enchanting, providing a delightful daydream escape during the hustle of work meetings. I definitely want this for Christmas!

It's worth noting that Pomellato recently achieved the top ranking in WWF-International's Watch And Jewellery Sustainability Rating. You can explore further details in my dedicated post by clicking here.


For Him

Gift Ideas For A More Sustainable Christmas

Bleusalt Unisex Skater Hoodie

Wrap your loved ones in unmatched softness, akin to giving them a warm embrace. Crafted from super-soft TENCEL™ fibres, this hoodie embodies your dream of unwinding and indulging in ultimate comfort at the end of the day. Why not contemplate gifting it to your dear ones?

Bleusalt's collection is crafted from TENCEL™ Fibres, responsibly derived from botanical tree fibres sourced sustainably from certified forests. By using a closed-loop system in the production process, TENCEL™ prevents chemical leakage into the environment, thereby minimising waste and lessening the overall environmental footprint. Additionally, this method conserves water significantly when compared to other production techniques.

Stripe And Stares boxers

I'm certain that this boxer is the most comfortable your loved ones could receive. My special someone got one as a gift and wears it daily. Proven to be over twice as soft as cotton, they're cloud-soft, breathable, and exceptionally comfortable.

This boxer is crafted from 95% biodegradable TENCEL™ Micro Modal. Plus, with one tree planted for every order, it's not only kind to your special someone but also kind to the planet. Oh, remember to save up by applying my promo code "20KITTY" at checkout to enjoy 20% off.

Yes Friends Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Looking for something affordable, high-quality, and ethical? Yes Friends is the place to go. I gifted my special someone a few t-shirts from this brand, and he absolutely loves it. He wears them almost every day and mentioned that it's his ideal t-shirt—lightweight, with a perfect cut, and great for hot summer days.

Choosing to buy from the ethical brand Yes Friends means you are supporting fair wages for workers, powering the factory with renewable solar energy, and endorsing numerous sustainable and ethical initiatives. Go check them out!

Anyway, avoid buying in excess; opt for fewer items but of higher quality. And Merry Christmas!

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